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Healthy Eating, Active Living

Support for better nutrition and greater physical activity during the school day has long been the backbone of the school health movement since its inception. The rise of obesity and obesity-related chronic disease has shone a spotlight on the role that schools can play in teaching healthier habits to both staff and students.

Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools understands that fostering good nutrition and physical activity enriches students’ readiness to learn and helps teachers and staff perform at their best. Our Healthy Eating Active Living, or HEAL, programming supports a variety of high-impact efforts to build healthier learning environments — from smart snacks and healthier school breakfast and lunch programs, to including movement in the classroom, supporting health and physical education instruction, healthy food procurement, and adopting school and district wellness policies that guide positive, healthy practices.

How HEAL Works

Kaiser Permanente, in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, invites schools to explore the many ways they can build healthy learning environments for students, staff, and teachers.

Through the Healthy Schools Program, we collaborate with selected schools to provide site-specific support for healthy eating and active living lifestyle changes before, during, and after the school day. And, we offer a range of school health resources and information to thousands more schools across the country through the Healthy Schools Program online portal.

Ready to get started with healthy eating and active living opportunities at your school? Visit the Healthy Schools Program webpages, create your free Action Center account, and explore the no-cost resources available.

Building Momentum

Since its inception, Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools has been supporting schools in their efforts to foster more physical activity and healthy eating during the school day. We have helped thousands of schools across the country create healthier school environments that support foster learning and well-being, and we continue to be dedicated to this space. Our future work aims to develop even deeper engagement with schools and districts to foster a stronger movement that supports school health through both policy and practice.

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