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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” Theodore Roosevelt is credited with saying. At Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools, we recognize that having an understanding of school health and accessing the tools to create positive change are the key to making health and well-being in our schools a reality. We also believe in learning from and sharing the successes of others. In whatever capacity we serve, we can all benefit from a little insight and inspiration to help us blaze a path forward.

Case Studies

So you’re ready to make positive changes in your school to support a healthy school environment. Congratulations! You’ve got your plan outlined. You’ve brought your partners together to help engage in the work. The school administration has given the thumbs up. But…you’re just not sure where to begin or how to get the resources to take action on your plans. Maybe you need some inspiration!

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Thriving Schools Honor Roll

Every day in our schools there are ordinary people doing extraordinary work to build a healthier future for the students, staff and teachers. These are the folks, who when faced with obstacles, look beyond them and see possibilities. They are collaborators, caregivers, coaches, instructors, advocates and all-around superstars.

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Watch and view stories showing how school teachers, administrators, parents, and staff helping to make health a reality in their school community despite facing obstacles.

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