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Playbook for School Reopening

As schools and districts across the nation look to reopen in the coming weeks, they are likely to face even greater strain as they seek to meet the academic and health needs of students, staff, and teachers with already limited resources.

Planning for the Next Normal at School:
Keeping students, staff, and families safe and healthy

To assist schools in proactively addressing the health needs of the school community, a number of nationally recognized and trusted school health organizations have come together to develop a playbook for school reopening — “Planning for the Next Normal at School: Keeping students, staff, and families safe and healthy.” This guide aims to equip school and district leaders with specific, evidence-informed guidance and operating procedures for keeping school communities mentally and physically safe as we shape a new approach to learning. Each chapter of the playbook will include five “starter plays” that provide practical strategies and actionable steps improving health in both in-person and virtual school environments.

In light of recent surveys indicating that mental health and well-being is a high priority and concern among school communities, the playbook authors have released the first chapter of the playbook ahead of schedule. This chapter, co-authored with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, provides guidance and recommendations for enhancing mental health and well-being during reopening.

Check back in early July for the full release of the playbook with additional chapters on COVID-19 prevention, physical activity and education, social drivers of health, and teacher and staff well-being.

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