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Creating a culture of well-being for school staff requires dynamic programs and activities, thoughtful policies, and environmental change. It’s critical to involve representatives from labor and management in whatever wellness initiatives your school decides to do. Gaining support from both parties results in increased credibility of the program, higher levels of participation, more availability of internal resources, lower levels of resistance from employees and overall greater chances of success in launching your wellness efforts.

An effective way to promote employee well-being is for employees and management to work together. By collaborating, school employees, their unions, and school administrators create a better place to learn, work, and thrive.

Labor Management Collaboration

School Employee Well-Being Through Collaboration

Kaiser Permanente’s Labor Management Partnership developed this roadmap for unions and school district administrators at all levels to work together to build successful employee well-being initiatives.

Read School Employee Well-Being Through Collaboration (Parts I and II)

School Wellness Champion Start-Up Kit

Start something healthy for staff and teachers in your school with this easy toolkit of easy-to-implement ideas.

See the Champion Start-Up Kit

Guide to Improving School Employee Wellness

This guide, developed by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, provides a step-by-step process that districts and schools can use to develop an employee wellness initiative that fits their unique needs.

Read Healthy School, Healthy Staff, Healthy Students: A Guide to Improving School Employee Wellness

Staff Breakroom Makeover

Make good health a part of everyday life for faculty and staff by providing them with a well-equipped breakroom where they can relax.

Learn how to do a Breakroom Makeover >

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