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Kaiser Permanente knows that a healthy school environment is dependent upon the health and well-being of all members of the school community — students, staff, and teachers alike. That’s why we’ve developed a special webinar series focused on school employee wellness.

School employee wellness is vital to the equation of health and well-being. A focus on school employee wellness initiatives can help with reducing stress and boosting morale. It supports productivity in the workplace and reduces turnover and burnout among employees. Furthermore, teachers and staff who are supported in their health will naturally teach these lessons to students.

Join us to learn about school employee wellness best practices and hear new ideas from national experts and local school district champions on how we all can play a part in the health and well-being of our schools’ staff and teachers.


Webinar 1: Sustaining School Employee Wellness: Making Positive Changes Last

Building on the successful webinar series from last fall, we will explore how to ensure that school employee wellness practices become part of the culture of a school and/or district.

Full recording | Webinar 1 slides

Webinar 2: Supporting School Employees Through Stress Reduction and a Trauma-Informed Approach

Stress and burnout is one of the leading issues facing teachers and staff in schools today; join us to learn how to create practices and trauma informed systems to support school employees in caring for their own and each other’s social and emotional health.

Full recording | Webinar 2 slides

Webinar 3: Unions in Schools: Important Partners for School Employee

Working with unions representing teachers and school staff is critical for successful and sustainable school employee wellness; learn how to form and maintain these partnerships and why they can benefit everyone involved.

Full recording | Webinar 3 slides


Webinar 1: Getting Started with School Employee Wellness

Understand why school employee wellness is important and how to identify partners for success, and ideas to get started.

Full recording | Webinar 1 slides

Webinar 2: Championing School Employee Wellness

Discover tools and resources to gain information and build a successful school employee wellness program.

Full recording | Webinar 2 slides

Webinar 3: Creating Sustainable Changes

Learn ideas to make employee wellness part of the culture in your school and district.

Full recording | Webinar 3 slides

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