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Good health is critical to ensuring that students can make the most of their educational opportunities. Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, perform better on tests and are more prepared to engage in learning. Schools play a central role in creating those optimal conditions of health that can set students up for a lifetime of success.

You can help encourage healthy choices by implementing strategies in your school community to encourage healthy eating, improve nutrition, foster more physical activity, decrease stress, and support greater social and emotional well-being. Here are some simple ideas and resources to help you strengthen the health and well-being of students at your school.

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    Tools for Classroom Physical Activity Breaks

    Find creative ways to integrate physical activity and stimulating learning at the same time with these classroom resources for short physical activity breaks.

    JAM’min minutes

    Safe Routes to School

    Promote active transportation to and from school by implementing a Safe Routes to School program with this handy guide.

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    Fire Up Your Feet

    This program offers free resources, an online activity tracker, a school fundraising organizer and more, all aimed at increasing physical activity before, during and after school for students, parents, school staff and teachers.

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    Walking School Bus

    Bring children and adults together to make the walk to and from school extra fun and healthy with this guide from Safe Routes to School.

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    Let’s Move! Active Schools

    Let’s Move! Active Schools is a physical activity and physical education solution to ensure 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the new norm for schools.

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    The Walking Classroom

    Make your classroom a walking classroom with podcasts that get kids and teachers learning and exercising together.

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    Bring play back into the day and enliven your playgrounds with these resources that make play a positive force in your school and community.

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    Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

    The best way to make sure young people get plenty of daily exercise is by building a comprehensive program for physical activity, one that takes advantage of all the opportunities to get moving during the school day.

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    Healthy Snack List

    Keeping kids fed throughout the day is essential; ensuring that these snack are healthy will help improve energy and focus throughout the day.

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    Smarter Lunchrooms

    Provide a quality school meal program and ensure your school meals are consistent with the new USDA nutrition standards.

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    Breakfast First

    Breakfast is a critical meal for children to start the day in a healthful way and these resources will help you in evaluating and strengthening your school’s breakfast program.

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    Healthy School Celebrations

    Use these tips to serve healthier food and beverages at school celebrations and holiday parties.

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    Creating Healthy Concessions: A Resource Guide

    Consider creating a district or school-wide policy on concession stand food guidelines to support healthy eating for students, staff and families attending school sporting events.

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    Hydration Havens: Water Accessibility in Schools

    Learn how to promote better access to clean drinking water for your school environment as a way to promote better hydration and overall health.

    National Drinking Water Alliance
    Thriving Schools Water Resource List


    Build an Effective Wellness Policy

    Use this guide to start a wellness committee or team at your school to talk about the health and wellness of students and staff.

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    The Weight of the Nation

    Share an episode from the groundbreaking documentary series The Weight of the Nation and The Weight of the Nation for Kids in your classroom to help students understand the obesity epidemic and what they can do about it.

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