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VIDEO: Educators Championing the COVID-19 Vaccine

This public service announcement styled ​video features several Kaiser Permanente educators sharing why they’re getting vaccinated.​ Please share this message with others.
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Multiracial teacher and children in science lab

Thriving Schools Expands Social and Emotional Health Resources through Resilience in School Environments

A Message from Annie Reed, National Director of Thriving Schools: It is with great excitement that we, at Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools, are announcing today some exciting developments that will deepen our ability to serve the social and emotional health of school communities.
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When Schools Strive, Communities Thrive

TutorMate and Kaiser Permanente volunteers worked with 20 first-grade students who struggle with literacy at Asa Hilliard Elementary School in East Point, Georgia over the course of the 2017-2018 school year to improve the students' reading skills.
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Learnings From a Decade of HEAL Community Health Efforts

Over the past decade, Kaiser Permanente used different aspects of its HEAL (short for “Healthy Eating Active Living”) initiative to improve health policies, programs and ultimately health outcomes impacting more than 715,000 people.
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