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Giving a “High Five” on Childhood Obesity Prevention

This week, the Partnership for a Healthier America kicks off its annual “Building a Healthier Future Summit” in Washington, DC. As wellness champions from schools, communities and private industries gather together in the nation’s capital, the Let’s Move folks are encouraging us to celebrate, challenge and champion our way forward into the next year.
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Fire Up Your Feet Mother Daughter

Step Up Your Fall Activity with Fire Up Your Feet!

Fall is often a busy time of year for many of us. School is back in session. After-school and after-work activities pick up pace. And many homes and businesses are bustling with activity again after a nice summer lull. How can we keep up with all this new momentum while still making sure we tend to our health? One great way to make sure we’re getting enough steps and strides in the day is through participation in Fire Up Your Feet.
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Heading Back to School with Good Health

In the Mid-Atlantic states, thousands of local children started the 2014 school year this week. While back packs, new shoes and text books are all essential, Kaiser Permanente is placing good health at the top of the list as well and encourage students to start smart!
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Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month During May!

With spring in full swing, why not recommit to getting some regular physical activity during the day? May is a perfect time to get outdoors with family, school classrooms and communities to enjoy the benefits of being active.
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An Ode to Walking on National Walking Day

National Walking Day endows parents and teachers with extraordinary superpowers to help children fire up their feet. Children bring the energy. Adults bring the determination to channel divine chaos into forward motion.
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Survey Says: American Public Believes Obesity is a Serious Problem, Looks to Schools to Lead Prevention

Kaiser Permanente released results from a field poll study on how Americans view the obesity epidemic and to whom they are looking to address the issue.
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