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Pediatricians Tackle Chronic Absenteeism

Health care groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics are strengthening the conversation around education and health by recommending that pediatricians routinely ask parents about their child’s school attendance and how many days they may have missed school in the past month.
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Building a Resilient School Environment

McFadden Intermediate School in Santa Ana, California, has been part of a 2-year program focused on building a resilient school environment for students and staff at its campus. RISE — short for Resilience In Schools Environments — implements policies, practices and trainings to help the school students and staff adapt to and deal with challenges, trauma and emotionally charged experiences.
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When Schools Strive, Communities Thrive

TutorMate and Kaiser Permanente volunteers worked with 20 first-grade students who struggle with literacy at Asa Hilliard Elementary School in East Point, Georgia over the course of the 2017-2018 school year to improve the students' reading skills.
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