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Survey Says: American Public Believes Obesity is a Serious Problem, Looks to Schools to Lead Prevention

Kaiser Permanente released results from a field poll study on how Americans view the obesity epidemic and to whom they are looking to address the issue.
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Behavioral Economics in School Cafeterias

A study lends even more credence to the idea that schools, and specifically school cafeterias, are critical environments for affecting healthy behavior change in students, and that simple and inexpensive changes to school cafeterias can encourage students to make the healthier choice..
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Groundbreaking Forum for Healthy Behavior Change Discusses Ways to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

KP presented the Forum for Healthy Behavior Change along with our co-sponsors, the American Heart Association and the National Business Group on Health, to discuss their unique viewpoints about how to effectively support lifestyle changes in both clinical and community settings.
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A Conversation with John Hoffman, Executive Producer of The Weight of the Nation for Kids

Sometimes we find solutions to our greatest challenges in the most unlikely places, ushered forth by the most unlikely of characters. Such might be said for the stories and vignettes that compose the new documentary film series, The Weight of the Nation for Kids...
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Weight of the Nation for Kids

In an effort to promote a national conversation about obesity prevention, Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring a three-part film series, The Weight of the Nation for Kids. The films, which premiere tonight on HBO, spotlight youth who are taking initiative...
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The Role of Schools in Promoting Physical Activity

Ten Ideas to Build Physical Activity in Your School

The weather is warming up everywhere, and it’s easier than ever to get outside and get some physical activity before, during and after school. For national physical activity month, May...
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School-Based Wellness Centers Becoming the Model of Health Care Access for Children and Families

Recent news reports over the past few months have started to shed more light on the effectiveness of school-based wellness centers in supporting the health needs of children and families.
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