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National School Health Collaborative

The National School Health Collaborative (NSCH) is a collective impact group of well-established, nationally recognized organizations working in the areas of health and education. The NSHC believes that health is an essential precondition for teaching and learning. Together, we are working to promote cross-sector collaboration and alignment on a simple but powerful mission:

To coordinate and accelerate equitable funding, policy, and practices for health in education so that every school succeeds, every educator excels, and every child thrives.

The NSHC seeks to transform K-12 education by expanding and innovating policies and practices across all areas of school health and sewing them into a singular national strategic roadmap. Such a roadmap promotes consistency at its core and flexibility at the local levels and is intended for policymakers and educators at the federal, state, and local level.

Current Members

Action for Healthy Kids
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
American Federation of Teachers
Healthy Schools Campaign
Kaiser Permanente
National Association of School Nurses
National Education Association
School-Based Health Alliance
SHAPE America
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