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About Thriving Schools

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re committed to health. That means not only delivering great health care but also creating communities where people can be healthy in all the places they live, learn, work, and play.

Thriving Schools brings together Kaiser Permanente’s extensive health care expertise and our partnerships with nationally recognized and trusted organizations working to support schools in becoming a beacon of health in their community.

Thriving Schools Integrated Approach

We take an integrated approach to school health, curating the best thinking and guidance on how to keep students, staff, teachers, and families healthy across these four dimensions of health.

Graphic of the Dimensions of Health

Taking an integrated approach to health means supporting schools and districts in advancing their wellness and educational goals by incorporating health-related strategies into school and district improvement efforts. Our Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment is key to this approach, providing actionable steps and credible resources to advance school health improvements.

As a not-for-profit, health care provider whose mission is focused on ensuring access to high-quality health care for individuals and communities, we’re committed to serving as a valuable partner in health to schools and districts across the country, helping to ensure that teachers, staff, and students have the support they need to thrive — in learning and in health.

Why school health?

Schools play a central role in our communities and in our lives. Not only do they provide vital settings for learning and development, but they also serve as community anchors for social interaction, emotional support, and access to food, physical activity, and health care.

Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools recognizes the centrality of schools as a center point for health in communities. Inspired by the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework for addressing health in schools, Thriving Schools works to build greater integration and alignment among the education and health care sectors to support the total health of the school community.

School health equity

Like the communities in which they sit, schools often reflect a diversity of cultures, beliefs, and experiences. As such, the services and opportunities they provide must ensure that all students and staff are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Thriving Schools’ integrated approach explicitly addresses equity and inclusion, both in the questions posed by our assessment tools and in the resources we offer for school staff and district leaders. Together with our partners, we provide these resources at no cost to schools and districts around the country. This ensures that, regardless of their ability to pay, schools have access to high-quality resources and support to address the health concerns that influence their core business of teaching and learning.

Student and teacher giving each other a high five

The Education – Health Connection

A multitude of research makes the case for the importance of addressing health in schools as a means to address good health overall, for individuals and the community.

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Board members meeting at table

National Healthy Schools Collaborative

The National Healthy Schools Collaborative (NHSC) is a collective impact group of well-established, nationally recognized organizations working in the areas of health and education.

Learn more about National Healthy Schools Collaborative

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