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Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment

School systems are a focal point of support in their communities. In addition to providing education, schools are often called upon to meet families’ childcare, social-emotional, physical, nutritional, and medical needs, as well as to address the learning gaps that result from school closures and remote learning.

The Thriving School Integrated Assessment was developed for schools and districts to advance wellness and educational goals by incorporating health-related strategies for students and staff into school and district improvement efforts. This no-cost assessment, available to everyone on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Action Center, provides actionable steps and credible resources to advance improvements — all rooted in an equitable approach to whole-child health.

Helping Schools Assess Strengths and Needs

Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment helps districts and schools:

  • Identify strengths and opportunities to support students and staff
  • Determine goals that align with needs, priorities, and available resources
  • Build skills and processes to facilitate and sustain change
  • Demonstrate the educational benefit of integrating health-related strategies into district and school improvement
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An Equitable Approach

Not all children have equitable access to the resources they need to succeed. Racial discrimination continues to be an explicit factor in the systemic distribution of resources, leading to economic and educational disenfranchisement. Communities of color, particularly Black and Indigenous communities, often shoulder this burden the most.

The Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment responds to the critical need to equip schools and districts with resources to support children’s and educators’ physical, mental, and social-emotional health, with a particular focus on those communities that are most impacted by systemic racism and health inequities.

“The abundance of resources and access to content experts through our partnership with Kaiser and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been an amazing opportunity…and the launch of the new Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment will help us to continue to build sustainable programs and practices which support the health and wellness of both staff and students.”

Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, WA

How to Get Started

Visit the Healthier Generation Action Center and create a free account. From there you will be able to access countless resources to address the specific needs of your school community.

Once your account is created, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Select “Join a School”, “Join a District”, “Join Out-of-School Time Site”, or “Join Another Organization”. NOTE: If your school, district, or organization is not yet in the system, you can request to have it added.
    • If you join a school you will immediately be given access to your school’s Action Center.
    • If you join a district, you will see a message stating that your access is pending approval. Once approved you will have access.
  2. Once you have access to the system, click on the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment to get started.

Recognizing the different roles that districts and schools play in facilitating improvements, we’ve developed two versions of the assessment:

    • District assessment questions focus on policies and procedures that would typically be determined at the district level, as well as supports a district could provide to facilitate implementation of policies and practices at the school level.
    • School assessment questions focus primarily on implementation. Both assessments include questions that consider the infrastructure and processes needed to implement and sustain policies and practices, such as having a leadership team, using a continuous improvement process, providing professional learning, partnering with community organizations, and communicating with key stakeholders.
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