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How Building Habits Makes Space for Well-Being

America’s Healthiest Schools: Celebrating Student and Staff Well-Being Across the Country

Help Protect Millions of Students from Losing Medicaid Coverage

Group of students of diverse ethnicities raising hands high.

These Winning Schools Share Their Secrets to Healthy Learning and Success

Girl carrying a school bag

A Roadmap for Ensuring Every School is a Healthy School

Mother taking kids to school

Healthy schools need to be safe schools

Dear educators: We see you.

Resources for Getting Your School Community Vaccinated Against COVID-19

teacher in black mask working alongside children in masks in classroom

Announcing the Launch of the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment

Black girl with curly hair looking pensively out a window

How Educators Can Address Childhood Adversity and Toxic Stress

Image of school children in masks lined up outside of school with a banner that reads Back to School, Back Together

Back to School, Back Together: A healthy start for the 2021 school year


VIDEO: Educators Championing the COVID-19 Vaccine

Young Hispanic family eating healthy meal in food bank

Improving access to food through schools

black child in blue shirt looking at black teacher in green sweater

Schools Cannot Thrive Until All of Us Thrive

girl running on paved path along seaside in Hawaii

Hawaii’s Annual Fitness Run and School Fundraiser Goes Virtual

Resources for Schools and Families Impacted by COVID-19

Multiracial teacher and children in science lab

Thriving Schools Expands Social and Emotional Health Resources through Resilience in School Environments

Feeling “Ghosted” No More

young child receiving food assistance in lunch line

Tackling Root Causes of Childhood Obesity

Pediatricians Tackle Chronic Absenteeism

Building a Resilient School Environment

When Schools Strive, Communities Thrive

Learnings From a Decade of HEAL Community Health Efforts

Student-Led Club Helps Raise Mental Health Awareness

Thriving Schools Honor Roll 2017

Taking Care of You: How Can Schools Support Employee Wellness?

Ensuring a Strong Start for Our Nation’s Children

Is Volunteerism A Way Forward in Helping Schools to Thrive?

Lessons in Play: Podcast with Jill Vialet of Playworks

Given options, kids capable of smart Halloween treat choices

Our Kids Need More Sleep

Children eating healthy photo

School Kids & Healthy Lunch Items

Pittsburg High Students Teach Their Peers About Issues that Matter

Social and Emotional Learning Gaining More Visibility, but What Is It?

Thriving Schools Mines Back-To-School Gems to Make Your School Year Shine

Decline in Extra-Curricular Budgets Contributes to Student Health and Discipline Challenges

Behavioral Studies Look at Link Between Parenting and Child Obesity Rates

Taking Back Streets and Sidewalks So Kids Can Walk or Bike to School

Two New Reports and Implications for the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Educational Theatre Program Gives Health Education Center Stage

Edible Olympic: Growing Chefs, Farmers and Food

chalk on hands

Collective Impact: A View from the Frontlines of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Movement

Beyond Gym Class – Building a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

Innovations and Challenges with Feeding Students During the Summer

Active Schools Win Big with the Fire Up Your Feet Spring Challenge

Turning the Summer Slide into a Ladder Up

Can Quality Recess Make Your School Happier and Healthier?

One Young Man’s Story Illustrates the Power of Healthy School Environments to Transform Lives

Quiet Time Meditation Supports Students in Overall Well-Being

School Students Take on Climate Action and Win

National Hockey League Player Helps School Kids “Stick to Fitness”

Educational Theatre Program Helps Transform a South San Francisco School Campus

Health Care Systems and Schools: Working Together for Healthier Food Options

A Splash of Color Encourages Healthy Choices at Ferris Spanger Elementary School

Feeding the Falcons: How One School is Increasing Healthy Eating Behavior

Cooking Up Healthy Choices for Kids in Oregon

Healthy Eating Resources: What Do 100, 400, 2000 Calories Look Like?

Giving a “High Five” on Childhood Obesity Prevention

Studies Show Lasting Impact of Bullying on Youth and Communities

Theatre Performers Help Teachers “Act on Stress”

An Ode to the Virtues of School-Based Health Care

Shaping College & Career Readiness: Not Your Grandmother’s High School Curriculum

New Year, New Thriving Schools Wellness Resources

Cafeteria Workers Guide Healthy Choices  

Monkey Bars Build Healthy Brains!

Mother child backpack

Back to the Basics

Health care professional & child

Celebrating Attendance Awareness Month with Health Care Providers

Re-Designing Your School Lunchroom Experience

Celebrating Attendance Awareness Month with Teachers & Schools

Fire Up Your Feet Mother Daughter

Step Up Your Fall Activity with Fire Up Your Feet!

Mother & Daughter Bus

Celebrating Attendance Awareness Month with Parents and Families

Heading Back to School with Good Health

Tell Them That Attendance Counts!

Demographic Shift in Schools Offers Opportunity to Address School Health with Fresh Perspectives

Young students holding orange

Navigating the Rollout of the “Smart Snacks in Schools” Standards

Education at Earliest Stages of Life Can Boost Brain Development

Talking with Young People About Depression & Suicide

Learnings from NPR Ed: Why Play Matters

Helping Kids Stay Healthy This Summer

Study Finds that Students Actually Enjoy Healthier Lunches… Yes, Really!

Building a Culture of Attendance

Young Chef’s Healthy Rainbow Peppers Recipe Wins Her a Trip to the White House

Keeping Kids Active & Healthy When School is Out

Students in Colorado get the Blood Flowing While Learning

Playworks Helps Students in Hawaii Thrive with Recess Pilot Program

Treating the Whole Student: Eduardo Shows What Is Possible

Peace Signs photo

Peace Signs Art & Theatre Come Together to Transform a School

Youth-Driven Solutions (part 4 of 4)

A Kinder, Gentler Gym Class is Here

Got Thirst? Drink Water!

One Woman’s Quest to Keep Kids Safe & Healthy in Summertime

Celebrating School Meal Heroes Like Donnie Barclift

Infographic Highlights Why Healthier School Meals Really Matter

“Read the Label” Campaign Helps Kids Understand Nutrition Impacts of Eating

High School Students Across the Country Create Healthy Recipes for their Peers

The Simple Truth: Healthy School Meals Support Healthier Kids

Partnering with Parents Creates a Healthy School Food Culture at Manzanita Elementary

The Wheels on the Bus Go Walk, Walk, Walk

CDC Compiles Community Health Resources

Why Education Matters to Health

Youth Driven Solutions (part 3 of 4)

Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month During May!

Hoofing it to School “Old-Style”

New Orleans School Gets a Fresh and Healthy Facelift

Three Cheers for Play, For Children and the Rest of Us!

A Different Kind of Fame and Glory Shines in Hollywood

A Child’s Chances at Health and Well-Being Still Dependent on Race

Fast Break Videos Offer Easy 5-Minute Physical Activity Resource for Classrooms

An Ode to Walking on National Walking Day

Youth Driven Solutions (Part 2 of 4)

Make Lunches Count at Home and at School: Insights from Dr. Kate Land

Infographic Highlights Benefits of Physical Activity in Schools

School Breakfast Week Provides Some Food for Thought

Youth-Driven Solutions (Part 1 of 4)

Family Nutrition: Ten Nutritional Soundbites from Dr. Kate Land

Going Beyond Checkbook Philanthropy in Our Nation’s Schools

Things in Motion Tend to Stay in Motion: How to Get Non-Athletes to be Physically Active

Celebrating School-Based Health Awareness Month

Mindfulness and Meditation May be Game-Changers in Addressing Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment Upgrades Can Lead to Healthier School Meals

Large-Scale Pediatrics Study Reviews Poverty, Ethnicity and Obesity

New Study Highlights Importance of Outdoor Recess for Increasing Physical Activity

Do Schools Make the Grade When It Comes to Health?

Filling Out the Food Source Story: One Third of Kids Intake is “Empty”

Sharing the PTA Perspective

Spreading Health Beyond the Walls of School-Based Health Centers

Empowered Youth Take Lead in Shaping the Health of Their School and Community

Family Makes Bicycling to School a Way of Life

Healthy Habits Take Root in Farm-to-School Movement

School recreation spaces can be play spaces for all

Countdown to Walk to School Day with Deb Hubsmith

Walking and Community Walkability Take Center Stage

First Lady’s Water Initiative Is Well-Timed to Recent Decline in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption

A Healthier School Nutrition Environment: Can It Work?

New Study Reaffirms the Value of Activity on Achievement for Students

A Conversation with Howell Wechsler, Chief Executive Officer for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Affirming Kaiser Permanente’s Commitment to School Health

Kids Pushing Back on Healthy Food Menu Changes

RWJF: Marketing Fast Food to Kids Infographic

BMI Report Cards: Good or Bad Idea for Addressing Childhood Obesity?

The Weight of the Nation for Kids Screening to Action: Quickstart Guide

USDA’s New “Recipe Box” is a Helpful Resource for Healthy Recipes and Nutrition Information

Healthy Schools

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Brings Healthier Options to Schools

Redefining Health for Kids and Teens 2013

National School-Based Health Care Convention Makes Strides in Redefining Health for Kids and Teens

Mother daughter eating healthy

No More Slacking in the Snacking

Survey Says: American Public Believes Obesity is a Serious Problem, Looks to Schools to Lead Prevention

Behavioral Economics in School Cafeterias

Behavior Change Forum pic

Groundbreaking Forum for Healthy Behavior Change Discusses Ways to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

A Conversation with John Hoffman, Executive Producer of The Weight of the Nation for Kids

Weight of the Nation for Kids

The Role of Schools in Promoting Physical Activity

Ten Ideas to Build Physical Activity in Your School

School-Based Wellness Centers Becoming the Model of Health Care Access for Children and Families

Kaiser Permanente’s Obesity Prevention Interventions in Schools Show Signs of Success, Paving the Way for Further Focus on Schools

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