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Peek Into the Daily Challenges, Stresses and Rewards of Being an Educator

Teacher spotlight: High school teacher Aly Kronick shares her experiences connecting with and providing support to her students while also maintaining her own mental well-being.

“As teachers, the work that we do is not just the lesson planning and the grading, but really making sure that the emotional well-being of all of our students is there so that they can learn,” said Aly Kronick, a teacher at Oakland International High School in Oakland, California.

Engaging young people and making connections in the classroom can take a toll on the dedicated, caring professionals who work every day to make a difference in the lives of our country’s students.

After all, educators create learning environments in an age that is rapidly changing and, often, they feel that the future is uncertain. Supporting students in response to their worries and concerns can affect the mental well-being of teachers and school staff.

Take a few minutes to hear more from Aly about current issues facing schools, students, teachers and staff.

At all grade levels, teachers share common experiences of educating and providing guidance to young students and teenagers. It can be incredibly challenging and also rewarding.

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