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Educational Theatre

For nearly 40 years, Kaiser Permanente has been using arts-based learning to support well-being from classrooms to communities. Our Educational Theatre programs use the power of storytelling to deliver critical health messages. Audiences see themselves represented onstage in our culturally and ethnically diverse casts, allowing them to connect with the narrative and educational messages in a meaningful way.

Over the years, these award-winning performances and workshops have inspired millions of students and adults across the country. Today, we offer several program options to communities and to members. To find out more, complete our booking request form or contact

Community and School-Based Programming

Since 1986, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre has inspired and empowered millions of students and adults in communities across the United States to make healthy choices. Educational Theatre offers a wide range of award-winning theatrical productions and interactive workshops to schools throughout Kaiser Permanente regions.

The Password

This social emotional health program for grades 3 to 5 helps students increase their awareness of their emotional health and their capacity to recognize when they or others around them may need help.

Through the program, students learn to recognize and regulate their emotions, practice empathy, and are encouraged to use the password, “I need help” when emotions and experiences get too big to handle on their own.

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Cast of RISE UP


This mental health and resilience program for grades 8 to 10 is part of the Thriving Schools Resilience in School Environments (RISE) initiative. The program inspires students to engage in supportive conversations about their emotional well-being and provides them with strategies to build resilience.

Through storytelling, community-building, and resilience activities, students learn that getting help for mental health challenges is normal and healthy.

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Cast from Ghosted

Resilience in School Environments: Understanding and Practice (RISE UP)

This mental health and resilience professional development program for school staff is part of the Thriving Schools Resilience in School Environments (RISE) initiative.

Participants learn techniques for self-regulation and stress management and have the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with colleagues.

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Cast of RISE UP

What people are saying about Educational Theatre

“Great information that was concise, informative, relative, and useful. I DIDN’T feel like I was wasting my time. The presenters were engaging, welcoming, and created a safe space to explore these topics. They also made the information very easy to work with during the presentation and after.”


“The staff was amazing. They are professional and organized and relatable. I enjoyed the presentations and thank you for providing such important information to our age group.”


“The presentation was awesome! The students were easily able to relate to the scenarios in the film. The moderators/presenters were great at interacting with our students.”

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