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Educational Theatre

Celebrating 35 years of service, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre has inspired and empowered millions of students and adults in communities across the United States to make healthy choices. Educational Theatre offers a wide range of award-winning theatrical productions and interactive workshops to schools throughout the Kaiser Permanente footprint.

Using the power of theatre and storytelling, our programs directly connect with students through relatable characters and real-life situations. Audiences see themselves represented onstage in our culturally and ethnically diverse casts allowing them to connect with the narrative and educational messages in a meaningful way. Our actor-educators build on this connection, inspiring students and adults alike to make healthy choices and build stronger communities.

Currently, there are two programs available in every Kaiser Permanente region.

(Resilience in School Environments: Understanding and Practice)

This professional development program for school staff re-frames challenging student behavior through a trauma-informed lens. Participants learn techniques for self-regulation and stress-management and have the opportunity to build supportive relationships with their fellow educators.

Watch RISE UP Trailer
Cast of RISE UP

What people are saying about ‘RISE UP’

“Several SEL activities used would be awesome for my students!”

Teacher, GA

“This was such a great workshop, and so were the exercises we did. I think now more than ever, and we need help with this. Sometimes we just need a moment to reflect and rethink so we can react differently… more positively.”

Educator, SCAL

“I am grateful to have learned more about trauma and how to move from the survival brain to the learning brain. Amazing course and content.”

Educator, WA


This social-emotional wellness program, part of Resilience in School Environments programming, normalizes the conversation about mental health, breaking down the stigma associated with anxiety, depression, and anger for middle and high school students.

The production and follow-up workshop provides students with healthy coping strategies and resources to get support and help them recognize and build their resilience.

Watch Ghosted Trailer
Cast from Ghosted

What people are saying about ‘GHOSTED’

“I agree with my students who said, ‘You guys are awesome.’ Thanks!!”

Educator, Stone Mountain, GA

“Thank you for making it possible for students to better visualize mental health and resiliency concepts through this programming. Kudos to your team for making it work in the virtual world!!”

“This is hands down the best presentation from any organization that deals with mental health that I’ve experienced with students.”

Educator, James Logan High School, Fremont, CA

“I think it can help people understand anxiety and other mental health issues that are more common in teens and their peers. It helped me find ways to calm myself if I ever feel stressed.”

Student, Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii
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