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RISE UP (Resilience in School Environments: Understanding and Practice)

This virtual, mental health and resilience professional development program, for school staff, is part of the Thriving Schools Resilience in School Environments (RISE) initiative. This program re-frames challenging student behavior through a trauma-informed lens. Our team will facilitate the session employing theatre, experiential learning, and arts integration techniques. Participants learn skills for self-regulation and stress-management and have the opportunity to build supportive relationships with their fellow educators.

Key Concepts

Through this program, participants learn to:

  • Respond and reflect on the importance of building stronger relationships with all students – particularly those who have experienced trauma
  • Acknowledge that trauma informed practices are a way of interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline, and fostering racial justice
  • Practice resiliency and self-regulation skills that can be used in student interactions
  • Identify challenging student interactions and how those interactions can be transformed
  • Develop supportive relationships with colleagues

What people are saying about ‘RISE UP’

“Several SEL activities used would be awesome for my students!”

Teacher, GA

“This was such a great workshop, and so were the exercises we did. I think now more than ever, and we need help with this. Sometimes we just need a moment to reflect and rethink so we can react differently… more positively.”

Educator, SCAL

“I am grateful to have learned more about trauma and how to move from the survival brain to the learning brain. Amazing course and content.”

Educator, WA
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