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Teacher and Staff Well-being

School staff and teachers can’t be at their best if they don’t have support for their own health and well-being. By supporting the whole person and the things they need to be healthy and happy, schools and districts can help school employees feel their best while they live out their passion for education.

Kaiser Permanente supports staff and teacher well-being because we know it:

  1. Helps retain teachers and staff
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Boosts job satisfaction

Well-Being Spaces for Teachers and Staff

Provide your teachers and staff with a dedicated place to relax and recharge during the school day. Learn about the importance of well-being spaces and how to create a space at your site.

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Student smiling in hallway with class mates
High school teacher and students standing in hallway smiling

Resilience in School Environments (RISE)

​Resilience in School Environments, or RISE, is designed to help create safe and supportive learning environments by cultivating practices that strengthen the social and emotional health of all school employees and students. RISE works with schools and districts to prepare staff to better understand and integrate social and emotional well-being into all aspects of school life, both theirs and their students.

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Resilience in School Environments: Understanding and Practice (RISE UP)

This mental health and resilience professional development program for school staff is part of the Thriving Schools Resilience in School Environments (RISE) initiative.

Participants learn techniques for self-regulation and stress management and have the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with colleagues.

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