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RISE UP Video Collection

Managing stress in school environments can be challenging. This collection of mini-training videos provides educators and school staff activities they can use and share with their students to relieve stress, get energized, and stay engaged.

Square Breathing (~3 minutes)

Learn this deep breathing exercise to increase your focus and relieve stress.

Square Breathing Instructions

Hand Brain Model (~3 minutes)

Learn how the Hand Brain Model can help your students understand what is going on inside their brains during life’s challenges.

3 Senses (~3 minutes)

Learn how to use your senses to help you refocus, feel calmer, and get more grounded.

Pat the Body (~3 minutes)

Use this exercise to help keep your students focused, playful, and engaged.

Breath of Joy (~2 minutes)

Learn this breathing exercise to get your energy flowing and uplift your mood.


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