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Helping School Employees to Thrive

Catherine is a senior communications professional helping social change organizations tell their story in powerful ways. She has expertise in public health, environmental stewardship, philanthropy and education. Follow her on Twitter @CatBrozena

When we think of ways to improve the health of schools in our community, many of us may default to thinking about this from the student point of view – i.e., how can we teach students to make healthier choices during the school day? How do we help students see the connection between their health and their educational achievement? How do we lay the foundation for habits of health in students that will last a lifetime?

But truth be told, a healthy school environment, one where everyone is thriving, is as dependent upon the health and wellbeing of all members of the school community — students, staff and teachers alike.

Thriving Schools recognizes that school employee wellness is vital to the equation of health and wellbeing. A special focus on school employee wellness initiatives can help with reducing stress and boosting morale. It supports productivity in the workplace and reduces turnover and burnout among employees. And teachers and staff who are supported in their health will naturally teach these lessons to students.


This month we’re pleased to begin rolling out some new resources to support school employees in their pursuit of wellness in the workplace.

  • Has your staff lounge or breakroom got the look of a 1970s horror movie? Give your breakroom a makeover with this timely guide.
  • Want to empower those around you to be their healthiest? Check this toolkit out for tips and ideas.
  • Want other ideas for fostering a culture of health for your fellow employees? How about instant recess for staff and teachers? Maybe some ideas on how to make meetings healthier? This handy checklist has got you covered.
  • Not sure how to put it all together? Read a few of our success stories and let the inspiration flow.

Are you wanting to kick off the new year in a healthy way and not sure where to begin? We’ve got just the answer you may be looking for.

And stay tuned, more to come in the weeks ahead!

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