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Spelling Out the Benefits of Bicycling

Bike Month is a reminder of cycling’s healthy benefits and the importance of always wearing a helmet

Pedal-powered biking is good for your body, good for your mind, good for the earth — and it’s just plain fun,

Infographic on helmet safety (PDF)

May is National Bike Month, and a great time to celebrate the many benefits of safely riding around on two wheels.

Whether you are bicycling to school, work, or just around town, safety is paramount.

  • Always wear a bike helmet.
  • Help young ones develop the essential habit of wearing a bike helmet every time they ride a bike. Provide assistance and encouragement.
  • Safety starts with leading by example. Model good behavior and always wear a helmet yourself, no matter how short a distance or how close to home you are riding. Children need to see grown-ups wearing bike helmets.
  • Learn about bike safety, including the proper way to fit a helmet and how to perform a safety check to ensure your bike is operating the way it should.


A healthy cycle

Hold on to your handlebars. Here’s a letter-by-letter list of bicycling benefits for you and your community:

BBurns calories. Saddling up to ride to school or work can help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and keep your bones and muscles strong.

I Inspires others around you. There are many ways to be active. Biking is one way to be a leader and show others that you support an active lifestyle — and that you wear your bike helmet.

C Cuts down on expenses. Bicycling saves money. Rather than spending money on fuel to drive to school or to run errands, time can be spent riding your bicycle.

Y You can participate in Bike to School Day. National Bike Month includes a variety of events where you can get involved and bike to school or work.

C Congestion is decreased. Each bike is one less car on the road.

L Lowers risks for serious health problems. Staying active helps you focus and gives you more energy. Regular exercise can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and prevent disease.

I Incorporates regular physical activity. Everyone should aim for 30 minutes of activity each day. Children should be getting 60 minutes a day. Getting exercise through biking and even during your regular commute is an easy way to ensure you are staying active.

N New way to make friends. Biking builds community and you can get to know others who share a passion for healthy commuting. A good riding buddy can help you stay motivated.

G Good fun. Devoting time to being outside, getting daily physical activity and breezing around on a bicycle is energizing and can be something to looking forward to each day.

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