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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Brings Healthier Options to Schools

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More schools will be able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to students under grants announced earlier this week

Healthy SchoolsThe U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) got a boost this week, thanks to some additional funding that will help to make fresh fruits and veggies more available to schools across the country.

The program, first piloted in 2002, provides children in participating schools with a variety of free fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the school day. The goal of the program is to expand fruit and vegetable offerings in schools and encourage healthier choices for students as they snack during the day, beyond any offerings of fruits and vegetables they may already be receiving as part of their school lunch and breakfast programs.

An evaluation of the FFVP, published in March of this year, highlighted the programs success in getting students at schools to consume more fruits and vegetables during the course of the day.

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