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Resources for Schools and Families Impacted by COVID-19

As communities continue to feel the impact of school closures from COVID-19 and many parents and families adjust to a new reality of life, we at Kaiser Permanente want to make sure that school communities — including administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and students — feel supported.

We’re curating this resource page as an online space that you can trust for the latest information and ideas to support learning, health, and overall well-being during these challenging times. We recognize that school communities are having to adapt to tremendous changes in a short period of time and that more support will be needed as students and teachers eventually return to in-person school life.

Kaiser Permanente is poised to provide up-to-date information and resources about the physical and mental health needs of school stakeholders as you manage the implications of COVID-19. Consider this a space that you can return to again and again for new resources to support you through all these transitions.

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We’re grateful to our national school health partners who are curating offerings like this on their websites. You’ll find links to their coronavirus support pages listed below.

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