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Resources for Schools and Families Impacted by COVID-19

As communities continue to feel the impact of school closures from COVID-19 and many parents and families adjust to a new reality of life, we at Kaiser Permanente want to make sure that school communities — including administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and students — feel supported.

We’re curating this resource page as an online space that you can trust for the latest information and ideas to support learning, health, and overall well-being during these challenging times. We recognize that school communities are having to adapt to tremendous changes in a short period of time and that more support will be needed as students and teachers eventually return to in-person school life.

Kaiser Permanente is poised to provide up-to-date information and resources about the physical and mental health needs of school stakeholders as you manage the implications of COVID-19. Consider this a space that you can return to again and again for new resources to support you through all these transitions.

Playbook for School Reopening

As schools and districts across the nation prepare for the new school year in the coming weeks, they are likely to face even greater strain as they seek to meet the academic and health needs of students, staff, and teachers with already limited resources. To assist schools in proactively addressing the health needs of the school community, a number of nationally recognized and trusted school health organizations have come together to develop a playbook for when learning starts again — “Planning for the Next Normal at School: Keeping students, staff, and families safe and healthy.” The playbook provides a framework to understand, assess, and implement strategies for COVID-19 prevention, social drivers of health, physical activity and physical education, staff and teacher well-being, and mental health and well-being.

Kaiser Permanente resources

pediatrician and patient in purple pajamas

Supporting students

girl smiling and hoola hooping

  • Healthy activities to do at home | physical activity, nutrition and mindfulness activities (Action for Healthy Kids)

  • Game On Activity Library | ways to incorporate healthy activities, brain breaks, nutrition education, and opportunities for social-emotional learning into online learning for kids (Action for Healthy Kids)

  • Kid's daily exercise routine | a 21-minute long animated video that incorporates a daily exercise routine for kids in grades K - 5 (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

  • CATCH health at home | Keeping kids healthy and active while at home (CATCH)

  • Play at Home | recess videos and a free printed playbook for kids and families with games you can play anywhere (Playworks)

  • Just for kids | a comic exploring the new coronavirus (NPR)

  • 20 seconds or more | harnessing the power of music to encourage hand washing and other safety protocols (Hip Hop Public Health)

  • YR Media network | a resource for young journalists and artists with current news, podcasts, stories specifically for and by young people (YR Media)

Supporting parents and families

mother and daughter coloring near orange juice

Supporting educators

teacher smiling with long black hair and glasses

Supporting schools/districts

teacher in school hallway smiling wearing a gray vest

We’re grateful to our national school health partners who are curating offerings like this on their websites. You’ll find links to their coronavirus support pages listed below.

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