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ChangeLab Solutions Offers Tools to Address Sugary Drink Consumption

Catherine is a senior communications professional helping social change organizations tell their story in powerful ways. She has expertise in public health, environmental stewardship, philanthropy and education. Follow her on Twitter @CatBrozena

The link between sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) and chronic conditions (including obesity and type II diabetes) has been drawn in a growing number of studies. In order to help students and school communities to make the healthy choice the easy choice, ChangeLab Solutions offers up these tools that address SBB consumption and offer strategies for improving health.

The Sugary Drinks Roadmap, created in collaboration with CA4Health, is an illustrated roadmap of 8 strategies for communities to use as a starting point for ideas. You can also download a companion brochure on their website.


ChangeLab Solutions also created a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Playbook that lists game-changing tools and strategies from public education campaigns to restrictions on the availability of SSBs, noting how implementing a collection of them will create environments that promote health.


For more innovative resources from ChangeLab Solutions that you can use in your school community, visit the ChangeLab Solutions website.

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