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Why #WellnessWins?

Call to action: campaign showcasing examples of successfully implemented school wellness policies

School and district wellness policies play an important role for schools working to achieve health-related initiatives, such as encouraging physical activity and healthy eating.

Wellness policies act as both a guide and an evaluation tool for measuring progress throughout the year with school activities such as physical education, classroom celebrations, and school gardens.

The #WellnessWins campaign, sponsored by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, aims to highlight the successes achieved by school districts in implementing healthier policies and practices. Running through May 5, the campaign is working to help motivate similar behaviors from local leaders nationwide.

Visit to learn more about:

  • refreshing a school wellness policy
  • gathering support to make a change
  • actions required to implement a new policy
  • where to start in evaluating and communicating a policy

How does it work?

Campaign messages through social media will include a call to action for school and district leaders to visit, take a wellness policy quiz, download resources and make positive changes at the district level.

What will happen?

Community members and advocates will be educated about the importance of wellness policies and what they can do to support local schools.

Campaign organizers and supporters will engage and activate school and district leaders through social media messaging, videos, graphics, and participation in a tweet chat.

What does it mean to be a #WellnessWins supporter?

#WellnessWins supporters will play a major role in the success of this campaign. School staff and district leaders know that support from national leaders will heighten public awareness about the issue and empower schools to make lasting changes that improve student health.

Sharing this knowledge with a wide audience and helping to raise awareness about the importance of school wellness policies is key. Effective policies are the building blocks for healthy school environments.

Looking for inspiration?

In support of the #WellnessWins campaign, take a look at past successes of schools improving wellness with Kaiser Permanente’s case studies of Thriving Schools or check out ongoing coverage of success in the Thriving Schools news blog.

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