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Vaping and Tobacco Prevention

The use of all tobacco products, including vaping with e-cigarettes, is unsafe for everyone — especially kids, teens, and young adults. Tobacco contains highly addictive nicotine which is known to harm development in parts of the brain that control attention, learning, mood, and impulse control. And developing a tobacco dependence in youth often results in lifelong tobacco use and chronic health conditions.

Adolescents and young adults are especially vulnerable to social and environmental influences to use tobacco, especially vaping. School communities are uniquely positioned to support the prevention and cessation of tobacco use in youth. 

Benefits of Quitting Smoking or Vaping

Supporting tobacco prevention and cessation in schools can lead to these benefits:

  • Support for healthy brain development
  • Increased academic performance
  • Prevention of addiction and related chronic disease
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Thriving Schools works with trusted organizations, including Truth Initiative, The American Heart Association, and Alliance for a Healthier Generation, to offer no-cost resources to school and district leaders.


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