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RISE UP – Video Collection

Managing stress in school environments can be challenging. This collection of mini-training videos provides educators and school staff activities they can use and share with their students to relieve stress, get energized, and stay engaged.

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RISE UP – Regulation Checklist

In stressful situations, it can be hard to remember our preferred strategies for helping students regulate their emotions. This checklist can help you remember which strategies work best for you so you’ll be ready next time you need them.

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RISE UP – Feelings ID Card

Identifying our feelings can help us notice whether we’re acting from our learning or survival brain. This list provides some examples of emotions associated with our different mental states.

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RISE UP – Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is an easy concept to understand, but can be difficult to put into practice. Here’s a simple list of ideas to help you create moments of self-care throughout your day.

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