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Students and Staff Partner for Healthy Hydration

El Cerrito High School is committed to engaging stakeholders at all levels in designing and implementing wellness initiatives for students and staff. When student leaders raised concerns about access to clean, fresh drinking water, the school health center staff and…

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Making Healthy, Clean Drinking Water the Norm

Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Pittsburg, CA wanted to encourage their students to drink more water instead of unhealthy sugar-sweetened beverages. Yet, teachers realized that traditional water fountains offered only part of the answer. They also wanted to…

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Drink Up!

Drink Up! is dedicated to working across public and private sectors to encourage everyone to drink more water. You can use their social media hashtags to promote drinking water in your community

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Water Works

Water Works provides easy to use resources to encourage water intake in schools, including a list of free activities, lesson plans, and curricula for a range of grade levels

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Drinking Water Fact Sheets

Kaiser Permanente partnered with the National Drinking Water Alliance to help schools learn about the importance of drinking water and how to provide it safely and effectively. These facts sheets will show you how.

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