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Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing in the Classroom

Barclay Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland recognizes the importance of promoting self-calming practices to support student resilience. The school recently embarked on an innovative initiative to establish “quiet corners” in classrooms. These safe spaces allow students to engage in healthy…

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Students and Staff Partner for Healthy Hydration

El Cerrito High School is committed to engaging stakeholders at all levels in designing and implementing wellness initiatives for students and staff. When student leaders raised concerns about access to clean, fresh drinking water, the school health center staff and…

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Making Healthy, Clean Drinking Water the Norm

Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Pittsburg, CA wanted to encourage their students to drink more water instead of unhealthy sugar-sweetened beverages. Yet, teachers realized that traditional water fountains offered only part of the answer. They also wanted to…

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Championing School Employee Wellness

Wellness Champions in eight Baltimore County Public Schools designed and implemented a range of activities aimed at improving school employee wellness, such as after-school yoga classes, stress-reduction activities at staff meetings, renovated break rooms and kitchens, and adding new exercise…

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