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College and Career Readiness

Good schooling and education help lay a foundation that provides students with the key skills and competencies they need to be prepared for higher education or a skilled profession in the workplace. Good, quality jobs promote health through upward economic mobility, financial security and opportunities for career progression and growth.

As society becomes more technologically advanced, it is more vital than ever that students receive the training and mentorship they need to adapt to a rapidly changing career landscape and chart a course for lifelong health and success.

Benefits of being college – and career-ready

Being college – and career-ready can support students for a lifetime of health in these ways:

  • Being prepared for postsecondary education or training that can result in better job opportunities
  • Access to a career that provides sustainable wages and pathways to advancement
  • Greater income opportunities that support the ability to purchase healthy foods, gain access to physical activity opportunities, and pay for health support services
  • Greater social and emotional well-being that comes from having educational and career opportunities and less stress and vulnerability during hard times
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