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The Password

This virtual, social emotional health program, for grades 3 to 5, helps students increase their awareness of their emotional health and their capacity to recognize when they or others around them may need help.

The Password tells the story of a group of elementary school students struggling to adjust to life changes at home and school. When their teacher’s computer project goes awry, the students have to work together to fix it, and in the process, learn about empathy, supporting each other, and the benefits of asking for help.

Key Concepts

Through this program, students learn:

  • Skills to recognize and regulate emotions
  • To understand empathy and respect for others
  • The benefits of seeking help from trusted adults

What people are saying about ‘The Password’

“I have nothing but praise for this program. The topics/issues addressed were incredibly relatable and age-appropriate.”


“This program was very much needed especially due to the changes that our students are facing related to the pandemic and what has occurred as a result.”

Instructional Lead

“The issues concerning housing instability, anxiety, and frustration related to learning challenges were particularly relevant to our student populations. Thank you for touching upon these topics with sensitivity and respect.”

Psychiatric Social Worker
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