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Water and Hydration

A cool drink of water can be satisfying in the simplest way: It just feels good for the body. It turns out water is just as good for the brain, too! Water access for students, teachers and staff in the school environment promotes healthful behaviors and supports adult role modeling of healthy beverage choices.

Why water?

Hydration is crucial to support normal bodily functions, but the benefits of water go beyond that. Drinking more water has been shown to:

  • help keep students focused and ready to learn
  • help prevent dental cavities
  • prevent unwanted weight gain when consumed instead of sugary beverages
  • provide an opportunity for staff and teachers to model healthy behaviors for students
High school student holding water bottle in hallway talking to other students

Things to consider

  • Include language about water stations in your school’s wellness policy
  • Identify a water champion on your school’s wellness committee
  • Involve principals, district plumber, district electrician, facilities and maintenance staff early on in the planning process; and involve students in planning and promoting new water stations
  • Place water stations in central locations, such as the cafeteria, gymnasium, or auditorium


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