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About Thriving Schools

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re committed to health. That means not only delivering great health care but also creating communities where people can be healthy in all the places they live, learn, work, and play. This is especially important in schools, where better health boosts educational success and educational success leads to better lifelong health, employment, earning potential, and self-confidence.

Schools play a central role in our communities and in our lives.

Schools are passionate about ensuring that all students succeed, but they can’t address the health of their school employees and students alone. That’s why Kaiser Permanente created Thriving Schools, our all-in engagement to improve health for students, staff, and teachers.

Thriving Schools brings together Kaiser Permanente’s extensive health management expertise and our partnerships with educational institutions and organizations working on behalf of school health to support schools in becoming a beacon of health in their community.

Two mutually reinforcing programmatic areas with Thriving Schools are Healthy Eating Active Living, or HEAL, and Resilience in School Environments, or RISE:

  • Kaiser Permanente’s HEAL initiative supports schools and districts in developing solutions to support their nutritional and physical activity needs.
  • Kaiser Permanente’s RISE initiative supports school staff, teachers, districts, and the community in addressing the underlying factors of stress in schools and develop strategies and practices that foster more positive school environments.

Our vision is that every community can count on their school as a champion for good health that enables great learning.

The Education – Health Connection

Evidence indicates that healthy students do better on all levels of academic achievement: academic performance, education, classroom behavior, and cognitive skills and attitudes.

A healthy school workplace also helps retain teachers and staff, reduces stress, boosts job satisfaction and supports employees to perform at their best. Healthy school employees are absent fewer days and more likely to stay in their positions, creating the continuity and stability that’s essential for students’ success. Teachers and staff are also influential role models for students.

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What is a Thriving School?

As a national effort with partnerships extending across the country, Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools seeks to impact health in schools on a broad scale while addressing high priority health needs in the specific communities where we operate. We collaborate closely with more than 300 schools across our eight regions to provide site-specific programming support, and we offer a range of school health resources and information to thousands more schools across the country through our website and various health education campaigns.

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Our Approach

Our efforts to support health in schools are part of how we are advancing our vision for total health — a holistic approach that emphasizes the social, environmental, behavioral, and clinical aspects that shape one’s well-being. Through our valued partnerships with some of the country’s most innovative organizations, we are able to provide concrete resources and pathways to health in schools.

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