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Thriving Schools believes that school employee well-being is an essential component of helping schools to be the healthiest they can be. School employee well-being means support for the physical, social, emotional, and professional well-being of all school employees, teachers, administrators, and classified staff.

Support for employees at your school can range from on-site wellness programs and activities to creating school-wide policies and environmental changes. Successful approaches often incorporate both.

A healthy school workplace helps retain teachers and staff, reduces stress, boosts job satisfaction and supports employees to perform at their best. They are absent fewer days and more likely to stay in their positions, creating the continuity and stability that’s essential for students’ success. Teachers and staff are also influential role models for students.

Thriving Schools initiatives support school employees in their overall health. Our Healthy Eating, Active Living, or HEAL, programming helps schools and staff develop solutions to their nutritional and physical activity needs. And our Resilience in School Environments, or RISE, programming helps school staff, teachers, districts, and the community to address the underlying factors of stress in schools and to develop strategies and practices that foster more positive school environments.

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